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Experience the life and death struggle of a fighter pilot over the Western Front of Europe during WWII. This VR pilot simulator will put you in the cockpit during some of the most intense aerial battles ever fought.

As the war goes on, the stakes get higher and so does the pressure to fight harder. You'll be put through your trials in distinct campaigns flying with the Luftwaffe, USAAF, and RAF. 

The first campaign in-development will be with the Luftwaffe's Jagdgeschwader 26, aka the Abbeville Boysduring 1942-43.

Narrative-focused Experience

Fighter Squadron: Europe is a cinematic single-player game. It differs from most flight simulators in that it's not an open-ended sandbox experience. Expect scripted sequences, story pacing, and experiences that don't even involve flying an aircraft. That's why we're calling this a pilot simulator.

Built for VR

UI, controls, and performance are optimized from the ground-up for PC-based Virtual Reality. You can use the touch controls to for everything - no mouse or keyboard required.

Accessible Flight

Staffel is not a complex flight simulator. It uses a simple flight model to allow you to focus on the experience and not on learning to fly an airplane.  All the controls fit onto a standard gamepad!

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