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Experience the life and death struggle of a Luftwaffe fighter pilot over the Western Front during WWII. This VR pilot simulator will put you in the cockpit as you face a never-ending swarms of RAF and USAAF aircraft.

As the war goes on, the stakes get higher and so does the pressure to fight harder. War-weary and unable to change the outcome, you watch as both successes and comrades become ever more rare.

You cannot win; will you survive?

Narrative-focused Experience

Staffel is a cinematic single-player game. It differs from most flight simulators in that it's not an open-ended sandbox experience. Expect scripted sequences, story pacing, and experiences that don't even involve flying an aircraft. That's why we're calling this a pilot simulator.

Built for VR

UI, controls, and performance are optimized from the ground-up for PC-based Virtual Reality. You can use the touch controls to for everything - no mouse or keyboard required.

Accessible Flight

Staffel is not a complex flight simulator. It uses a simple flight model to allow you to focus on the experience and not on learning to fly an airplane.  All the controls fit onto a standard gamepad!

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